superhero by night

i was hoping to have some new illustrations done by now, but unfortunately, i'm in the middle of 4 different projects thus causing each to take longer to finish.  in the mean time, i thought you might enjoy this advertisement i made a few months ago for my jewelry line, Superhero by Night, which features black diamonds. and i know that it's technically already posted as my profile pic, but that thing is so small it's very hard to see!  


  1. black is the new black - my thoughts exactly!

    I find it quite, hmm, funny, when magazines call every top trend color "the new black". there is no new black.

    and p.s. nice rock!

  2. I really like the advertisement. It's pretty cool how they point out that Black will always be the "new" black.

  3. I LOVE your style, we need more of you. Black diamonds are sexy! x

  4. thanks for all the compliments guys! i really appreciate it. =)

    and i agree lady noix, black diamonds are totally sexy. they're really mesmerizing to look at too.. they look almost metallic yet at the same time not. and they're so shiny. i just find them fascinating.

  5. My thoughts exactly F. on black that is:)
    Nice photo:)