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The Advent of Fashion Film
by Kristy Eléna
The idea of fashion film isn't entirely new. Recently however, it's become quite the trend, buffering on computer screens and premiering in theatres round the world. From Lagerfeld's short Remember Now, to Valentino's feature length, The Last Emperor, fashion film is the likely answer to the question everyone's asking: "What's next in the industry?" 

With the onslaught of the digital era, speculation of it's effects on fashion have ranged from cataclysmic, prophesying the demise and disappearance of runway shows, to inconsequential, in a nostalgic but naive hope that nothing will change. As usual, the answer is a compromise between the two extremes. Film is that compromise. By taking advantage of technological advancements and the ability to globally communicate messages via the internet, it's the perfect medium for our new digital world.

The potential of fashion film is vast. Every brand, with it's own style and perspective, can create something beyond the typical 30-second "buy our clothing" advertisement. But therein also lies the challenge. To be more than an ad, fashion films must speak to people by carrying a deeper meaning and a reminder why fashion is important and relevant to today's world. It's the exact challenge the industry needs, and when I watch something like Diesel's Youtube film for their 2010 catalogue, To the Tune of a Hundred Lovers, I see fashion rising nicely to the occasion. Diesel's barely 3 minute spot with absolutely no dialogue speaks volumes about the beauty of being yourself. A message strengthened by featuring actors of different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes in what is perhaps a response to the heightened cry heard round the globe for diversity within the industry's image. 

Historically speaking, fashion's mark on society has always been deeper than appearance alone. By reflecting the changing times and challenging popular opinion, fashion prepares people for a new era. To state a harsh fact bluntly though, that hasn't been happening lately. With the global economic crisis brands have been focused on simply weathering the storm. A notable setback. However, and also in historic terms, renaissance periods typically occur after times of turmoil and are characterized by increased creativity and a revival of interest in art. Hence, the advent of fashion film is simply art following it’s evolutionary cue. And with such a creative medium as film, the possibilities are limited only to imagination, which is in itself rather limitless. 

This time period we live in is so transitionary it will change the face of the world radically, for better or worse. I am proud that fashion is taking the "for better" approach, by embracing change with the enthusiasm one would expect from such a creative and forward-thinking industry. A Shaded View on Fashion Film is the annual festival in Paris that travels the world, hosted by style icon Diane Pernet. May 25-30, in association with Vogue Italia, it will be here in Milan at the Museo della Moda, Palazzo Morando. And what's more, a call for entries from all fashion-minded individuals has been announced, making this a movement for all people, not just big labels. Judged by Diane Pernet herself along with famous 14 year old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, the contest is hosted by and entries are due June 24, 2010. Join the evolution!


  1. Good article. I never thought about fashion industry using film as a way to express their art but it makes sense. I think of the Levi's commercials and can see how it can be more than for the mass media. Like independent films. =)

  2. i like the turn you took with the subject! i must admit, at first i thought you were really going to talk JUST about fashion film.

    i would like to add just one thing - "by reflecting the changing times and challenging popular opinion, fashion prepares people for a new era," - it also is a mirror of today. no matter how far the designers try to run, they still reflect today more than any past or future.

  3. love this someone has actualy boreverd to be concerned about what goes on in the industry :)
    thanks Kirsty ^_^ my excat thoughts
    much love XX tobes
    keep in touch XO

  4. whoops sorry thats * Kristy ^_^

  5. well, trust me, the previous comment was the most awkward i have ever written. never doing it again! :) seriously.

  6. Very good article! It is good that the fashion industry evolves and does not stay stucked in a warp. More power to the creative people I say!! xx

  7. I just sent it! Woohoo!xoxo

  8. this is so exciting - you are killing it out there lady!