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Grabbing the attention of tomorrow’s big spenders 
by Kristy Eléna

As Generation Y sits on the brink of taking over the consumer market from the baby boomers, a generational force to be reckoned with, it's hard not to marvel at the staggering grandeur of it all.  Described by critics as the entitlement generation with a poor work ethic and lack of respect for authority, Generation Y has had to work particularly hard on proving itself.  Now, as the world spins deeper into the digital era, Gen Y is solidifying its place by restructuring the rules set by generations past. 

With birth dates ranging from the mid 1970s to the early 2000s, Gen Y is strengthened by an expansive array of perspectives.  It is the only generation to experience growing up both with and without the the internet and is marked by a period of extreme technological advancement and ever-shortening attention spans.

So how do fashion labels capture the attention of a generation whose very existence spans the rise of the digital revolution?  First and foremost, brands that want to speak to Gen Y need to learn it's language.  That means getting online and being present where Gen Y seeks it's information - i.e. fashion blogs, social networking sites, online magazines, specialty websites and so on.  But the trick is to choose wisely.  Being everywhere can cause brands to lose their specialness.

Viral marketing is powerful, but there's more to it than merely existing online.  In an interesting article about Generation Y, featuring the thoughts of 14 year old fashion blogger extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson of The Style Rookie; she  says that Generation Y wants to feel connected, to belong to a "clique."  Though her comments sparked some heated disagreement, I think Tavi has a point and it isn't a negative one.  Generally speaking, all people want to feel connected.  And in a generation facing such an upheaval in basic human interaction, it isn't unbelievable or offensive to say that Gen Y wants to feel like they belong to something.  Isn't that the very reason we continue to log onto facebook and tweet our feelings?  

We aim to get connected, but it's important to remember that Generation Y is the poster child for individuality.  Growing up under the angst-ridden, 'be yourself regardless what others think' influence of Generation X, it's become about more than just belonging.  It's about belonging to something that celebrates your uniqueness. Precisely because of this internet age, it's incredibly easy to get clumped in with the masses. One of thousands of facebook friends.  Just another statistic on a Google Analytics chart. A profile picture. This generation, old enough to understand but young enough to feel explorative and energetic about new communications, seeks to express itself through every avenue possible.  As a result, fashion becomes integral to the process now more than ever. Choice of brand can become more than a style statement. It can hold hidden messages about someone's beliefs, personality or general outlook.  And in a world where judgments are made in the average minute it takes to peruse a user profile, strong perspective is power.  

Brands that can harness this power by providing people with a sense of unique identity while creating a community, or "clique" in Tavi's words, are the next consumer power-houses.  It's a brand I would definitely shop from.  In fact, if you know of any you should definitely send me the link.


  1. Great article. :)Good point about companies that try to have their presense everywhere, risk bastardizing their brand. It can be quite hard for a start up to choose the right channels...
    interesting times...


  2. Cool mag and a fantastic article! As someone who is more Gen X than Gen Y, I agree that this group has to be approached in a way that honors its need for individuality.

    Funny thing is that Gen Y'ers want to feel connected and separate at the same time; I totally get that. This generation's command of social media is one way this mentality manifests itself. It took me a while to really grasp that social media is a "conversation." Now that I have, I love finding new blogs and meeting new online friends. But if the convo is not reciprocated at some point, I don't go back. Who wants to waste time commenting on blogs whose owners never acknowledge your thoughts or the time you took to share them?

    Again, great article.

    ♥ V

  3. Great article as usual miss! I totally agree that "Being everywhere can cause brands to lose their specialness" - my prime example being Louis Vuitton (I dont victimise it on purpose , they do it to themselves!!). Brands have to pick a 'side' and focus on this 'side' instead of trying to appeal to everyone.

    Everyone somehow wants to belong to "something" - goths, punks, preppies, name it. These are groups of people with similar affinities, regardless of whether the people within the group agree to the label!

    I dont know about such brand actually...most of them try to get as many customers as they can by selling all trends under the sun (military, romantic, chic) to appeal to everyone...I dont really know a brand with an identity a part from maybe Ben Sherman for men. Id be happy to find one!


  4. I completely agree that we feel the need to be connected and separated at the same time. It's interesting that we live in a generation that allows us to be more connected than ever in some ways and so disconnected in others. Social media has really sparked our desire to belong to a group where we can be acknowledged for our unique voice and perspective. We're also in the generation where a person as a brand is becoming more and more common. Since the amount of social avenues has exploded so quickly it's harder and more important than ever to choose wisely which ones we explore. Both a challenging and exciting adventure!! Great article!! xx

  5. i love your blog!

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