a midsummer day's dream, part 2

look 2 of our summer inspired photoshoot.  (this is my friend giorgia who sometimes models for me when i want to do the photography. she's awesome).

a rich purple dress just makes me crave foliage. the shoes are from the prada fantasy collection. no name dress. vintage jewelry.

**i've been a bit m.i.a lately as i've been traveling and will be doing so for the next few days as well.  i adore traveling, but i miss my blogroll.  

i'd like to take a moment and thank V. from gritandglamour for passing the "i heart your blog" award to me.  i am honored and touched. her kind words made me grin like an idiot which prompted much teasing  from my boyfriend.  i definitely recommend checking out her very gorgeous blog.  she is one of my favorite bloggers for her honest, insightful opinions, her keen style sense and her cool vlogs. (yay for vlogs!) plus, her photographs are always artistic, which is much appreciated.  

and i would like to pass the award on to some of my other blogger besties:

fashion butter - for her style that will never let you down, always pleasant disposition and gorgeous photos against a greek island backdrop. visiting her blog is like going on a fabulous, fashion-filled vacation without any of the stress.
miss jones & me - for her inspirational kick-life-in-the-ass posts with a style to match. (and hotness that rivals megan fox)
fashion coconuts - for her funny, sharp-as-a-whip commentary on fashion and all it's foibles. and for being one of the most unique fashion blogs i've ever come across.

thank you for your consistently stellar work ladies.  

and now it's off to 3 hours of sleep and then venice.


  1. Awww thanks so much!! You are so sweet. I'm actually blushing in the privacy of my own home. And congrats on the award. You deserved it and everything V wrote about you and your blog was soooo true.

    I've been m.i.a lately too because of the tremendous amount of summer weddings I've had to attend. But I'm back for a few weeks at least! These pictures are amazing. You really have a talent. The second shot is my favourite. The setting, lighting and beautiful model are perfect. I'm also swooning over the vintage necklace!

    Have fun in Venice!!

  2. Woohoo!!!!!!! Thanks so much! Have a great time traveling! filiakia!

  3. Carino il ciondolo!

  4. As always, I am in l♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ve with your shots. Thanks for the shout out...tell your BF you absolutely deserve the accolades!

    Venice. OK, I hate you. Just kidding. Not really. No, I don't hate you. I hate that I'm DYING to go to Venice, and you are. Oh well. Maybe in my next life. Have fun bella, safe travels!

    ♥ V



  6. Congrats on your award! I love these photos! You look fantastic!
    xo M

  7. I love the one of you against the tree. It's like you ARE the tree.

  8. Gorgeous!!!!! Love the purple!

  9. Nice & Monaco...wow I'm so jealous!
    Loving the lighting in these shots, jus gorgeous :)

  10. I love 2nd pic.!

  11. Those photos are absolutely amazing! You have a great eye.

  12. thank you aivie and james!! i'm glad you like them. =)

    @ladynoix - i just saw and left a comment!! =) thank you darling.

  13. Wow ...Love ur blog, and both your articles on LSD. I hope you enjoyed mine too on SATC2 fashion.

    I'll be following you girl!
    Follow me back on http://dollsfactory.blogspot.com/

    Kisses Anjeza

  14. Such a beautiful setting for a photo shoot!

  15. great photoshoot....your friend is good at modeling!!
    that last picture looks like a bird flew by and there just a little blur of it's motion...and it looks lovely that way...!


  16. thank you ladies!!

    @abigail - birds were flying by and i kept trying to capture one. i was so excited when i finally did. =) very cool of you to notice.