a midsummer day's dream, part 3

and a close up because i really loved the accessories we chose for this look:

one of the cool things about this look was that the wall and the dress had a similar effect going on.  the shoes are miumiu flats, vintage jewelry, no name dress.  

this final look concludes the midsummer day's dream photoshoot. once again, the model is my friend giorgia and i did the styling and photography. i had a lot of fun with this summer inspired photoshoot. if you've just arrived, check out the other two looks here and here

a really big thank you to my friend and model giorgia for being so inspiring, receptive and easy to work with. i love collaborating on projects, but at times it gets difficult to find someone who isn't egotistical, condescending or just plain frustrating to work with. so i feel very grateful to have such a talented friend who helps make photoshoots feel more like fun-time than work. 


  1. Oh. My. GAHHHHHH!!!!!

    Wow. These are gobsmackingly gorgeous. You are so very talented, Kristy. I so wish I could collaborate with you on a shoot. Incredible images.

    ♥ V

  2. Such great photos! Tough girl with a soft side I <3 it!

  3. Wow Kristy!! My jaw actually dropped in awe when my page loaded up. These images are genius. Each shot is so different and interesting. The imagery is stunning and she just looks like she belongs there. You really do have such a talent and such an eye. I too wish we could collaborate. xx

  4. what an amazing location! you look stunning next to the statue!

  5. I love how you perch yourself on the most amazing pieces. The contrast is so dramatic. You transcend yourself to another time and space.

  6. Great photos!!!!!! love them, you friend looks amazing!

  7. Great Post – Just found your blog from IFB & so glad I did !
    I’ll be back !

    Please check out my blog with style updates/ fashion shoots

  8. You look amazing! - now following your blog xx

  9. Wow...thank you for dropping by my blog, you really have great taste in styling and your friend is gorgeous as well.

    I love the shoot and all...

    will be coming back for more darling...

    much love

  10. Kristy Elena, what a small (fashion) world. We meet from delance community and then I see your blog listed twice in two separate lists of top 10 blogs. And then I realize that you don't scan and copy beautiful editorial pictures from magazines, that these images ARE ORIGINAL, GORGEOUS FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I am completely blown away by your talent. Wowzah.

  11. I love these shots. And your friend is such a dynamic model! I need to take notes.

  12. Great photos!!
    You are very talented, that's sure ;)


  13. these photos are fantastic! Wonderful! I'm your new follower!


  14. these photos are incredible!! you look stunning!! and i love your outfit!!

  15. kristy -- love the way GIORGIA ;) blends in perfectly with the background. it looks like she's an extension of it. each of these 3 photo shoots have inspired a different mood in me while looking at them -- part 3 is sophisticated and haunting, 2 is whimsical, and 1 (my personal favorite) is vibrant and alluring. great work!

  16. What a fab setting and photos for your final part !! I love the blend of nature , stone and the dress. It is all very matching yet striking!Collaboration time when I get my bonus ;)x

  17. Beautifum pics!

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