new upcoming designers show

milan fashion week started for me with the new upcoming designers show on wednesday. i love new designers and think emerging talent should get far more attention. it's good for the industry and for us. we all know chanel, prada and armani isn't difficult to love these well-established fashion houses. but i get disappointed when the press (bloggers included!) only give attention to popular names. to me it seems like laziness when i see bloggers who only wear and discuss popular brands, be it chanel or h&m. the world of fashion is so much larger than that, and by getting behind new talents we can give them a chance to become better-known and thus more readily available to us.

the five designers in the show were: chicca lualdi beequeen, cristiano burani, mauro gasperi, francesca liberatore, and taibo bacar. there was something that i loved about each of these designers and you can see for yourself in my video below. unfortunately, cristiano burani isn't in the video because that clip got corrupted and wouldn't upload. so i got some photos off of and put together my favorite highlights from his show. below the photos you'll find my video of the show.

my favorites from each designer:

those holes that cristiano burani used throughout some of his pieces were so unique and beautiful, i've never seen anything like them. in person they were even more impressive than because the movement of the fabric was a big part of the overall effect. i would love to own those pants in the first photo, and the small vest in the second.  

the white geometrical shapes on the sheer fabric used in some of the pieces by chicca lualdi. i thought each of those was stunning. very cool and chic, wonderful for the heat of summer. i love that she opted to use that style with classic lines so as to avoid making it look overbearing. i would love to own one of those pieces for summer and wear it to a rooftop party. 

mauro gasperi's criss-cross and fabric strip detailing was fabulous. it gave a new twist to basic and essential pieces (like those white pants with the Xs down the sides). simple, yet different and well-designed. i also loved the front zipper detailing, especially on that white bodice. his grey pencil skirt was exquisitely tailored, and i also love the orange skirt constructed only out of criss-crossed fabric.
francesca liberatore's draping was beautiful and flowy. loved the half-backless detail and how she gave a decidedly bohemian chic feel to pieces that could be worn to the office - like kneelength skirts, trenches, simple dresses, jackets and button downs. i loved her vests and would happily rock them anyday.

taibo bacar's use of prints was impressive to say the least. prints can easily become a train-wreck if not executed masterfully. i loved the vibrant colors and how he paired them with the black leather giving his whole show an edginess to it that i can definitely appreciate. his was the shortest show so we didn't get to see him do pants unfortunately, but his dresses were wonderfully tailored and i want one.


  1. Very talented indeed! love it!

  2. WOW.. I love the colours..
    From the nude bege to the vibrant and electric purple

  3. very nice. I agree with you on liking to see emerging talent.

  4. Gorgeous! Really talented all of them :D

  5. love the designs...jaw dropping...really talented...


  6. Great post. You are so right: new designers can benefit a lot from the coverage, and it's exciting to see what they will do, what changes in the fashion world they might make. :)

  7. thanks for commenting guys! glad you are liking the designers.

    @meghan - thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. you're right, it is exciting to see what changes the might make in the industry. =)

  8. Love this post! That last photo is ace, the colors and textures are beautiful and very elegant.

    I love discovering new talent and i say thank f*ck the internet exists for this ;)

    In 'real life' it is not that easy for the designers to make themselves seen and for the public to check them out.

    Thanks for this :)xx

  9. Wow i'm obsessed with the emerald colour and deep raspberry!

  10. omg that collection is gorgeous, i love the neutral colors with the bright colors too

  11. I totally agree with your comments regarding established "cool" labels & emerging talent, I much prefer to support the up & comers or under dogs any day. Sometimes I wonder if people actual have an opinion or if they just follow like sheep to seem "cool".
    These are beautiful pieces. I love the mix of colours, the attention to detail & the textures. Looks like one to watch.
    Thank you for sharing these, I wouldn't have seen them otherwize.

  12. hey guys! great responses. thank you for taking the time to get to know these designers.

    @porcelain complexion - i know what you mean. i often wonder if all these people who say they love fashion really do, or if they just love looking nice. in my opinion there's a huge difference.

  13. You video isn't working for me love :(
    I completely agree with you about the importance of recognizing and covering new and emerging talents in the fashion industry. In fact, I find hearing about the same shows and established houses to be rather mundane. It's so fun to see what new designers bring to the table and then to watch them grow and develop throughout the course of a few years. After all, fashion is supposed to be about what's coming next! It's nice when bloggers do a little more legwork to find something new and fresh for their readers.

    The colour palette and overall textures at the cristiano burani collection are divine. I can only imagine how glorious the movement of the fabric must have been in real life. Also, those cut-out pants in the first shot put ripped up denim to shame. How cool and sexy are they!?!?!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xx

  14. I love that nude colours are staying next season - I can`t get enough of these soft, feminine looks!

  15. Anonymous26.9.10

    the video is only 6 seconds ... would love to see <3

  16. I love up and comming designers!.... wow their looks look so creative and unique... lovee!!!

  17. i just saw titles in the youtube.
    the photos of the collections are amazing. you took them, right/ you are so talented, lady.