kristina ti - MFW s/s 2011

upon entering the runway room you knew exactly the kind of feel this show would have, that's how much attention was paid to the detail. fresh grass carpeted the runway, front row gift baskets contained fresh flowers, fruit juice and fruit flavored muffins, colored lights hung from the ceiling... the atmosphere was reminiscent of springtime with a twist. and that's exactly the style the clothes had as well. i loved this show, from the floral details to the tufty textures, the sheer fabrics draping the body, the light chiffon-y pants and the amazingly cool shoes, everything was utter spring/summer perfection. i'm absolutely in love with this collection and definitely aim to own some of these pieces come spring!  (especially the shirt in the fourth picture down and a pair of those stunning shoes)

here are stills of my favorite looks and below that, a video to see it all in motion!


  1. Fabulous collection! Love it ... Specially the colors.

  2. So beautiful! every outfit reminds me so much of picnics in the spring, so feminine and natural, love them!
    the dress of the 8th picture is just perfect.

  3. These are just stunning!
    Loving the colours & textures, they're devine

  4. the collection looks so romantic and ethereal! love it!

  5. Great textures, yummy color palette, and best of all, wearable looks! Great job-love the blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Keep in updated!

  6. wow this collection is all the sheer textures and the colors are great! i wonder if the models had a hard time walking on that grass carpet? :P

  7. awww love the first two photos...and the collection is definitely hot...

    especially the color makes it more feminine...and lovely!!!

    great photos hun!!!!


  8. You've got to love a collection that pay such attention to detail. The color palette is gorgeous and I love the sheer, flowing fabrics. I like the shirt in the second shot. It's simple and slouchy and everything I look for in a top! Dammit, here I go craving Spring again! xx

  9. Hi Kristy! wow! I love the designs! and the shades of pink is so lovely and romantic!

  10. i'm so glad you guys like it! this one was my favorite of the shows i went to.

    @liana - it wasn't hard walking on the grass at all! i did it before the runway show started. i actually bet it's easier than walking on those slippery, shiny runways!

    i agree with all you guys about the color palette, it is feminine and fun and perfect for warmer weather. i like that she just stayed true to the idea of spring/summer and didn't go all trendy and her clothing isn't weird just for the sake of being different. she designed for the season according to her person style aesthetic and did it well. it's fabulous.

  11. i have one more lesser known designer to feature next! =) really excited about him too.

  12. love your videos, as always. such an enchanting collection.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  13. The textures are amazing! So fresh for Spring next year...


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  15. Love to see the not so exposed designers on these huge fashion weeks. Thanks for sharing.


  16. I would not be wearing this but i like the work that has been going on here! xx

  17. The t-shirt on the 4th pic is fantastic I need one! I had never heard of this brand so tnx for sharing.
    And I'm following you now also.


  18. I love all of the ruffles and sheer fabric! Spring shopping is going to be so much fun! And I can't imagine walking in those heels on a grass!


  19. love the wonderful feminine color palette and textures, reminds me of meringues. melina bee

  20. @marielscastle - i could not agree more!!

    @samantha - oh me too. that sheer fabric is in my dreams, it's so gorgeous and i would love to spend my summers draped in it. =P walking on the grass runway was not too bad actually. i walked it while getting to my seat and i found it much easier than the slick runways.

    @melina - meringues! i definitely see that.