on personal style

a small preview of things to come...

i just returned to milan today after spending some time in greece.  i have an astounding amount of photos to go through as a result of the trip. i'll be posting my favorites to share with you over the coming weeks, including more of this outfit which is currently running as one of my favorites because it is very much a reflection of my personal style.

and speaking of personal style... i feel it transcends fashion in the respect that it encompasses not just what you wear, but how you wear it, how you carry yourself, and what you let it say about you.  personal style doesn't have to adhere to just one kind of look, it can be an amalgamation of all the things you like and it's completely independent of age, weight, financial means or location. having a strong sense of personal style is for anyone and everyone.

for me, one of the reasons that fashion is so fun is because i enjoy using it as a means of accurate self-expression.  a combination of instinct and years of experimentation, inspirational research, studying fashion and it's corresponding industry have given me a great appreciation for defining the style unique to each of us.

when i dress, i aim to please myself first and foremost. i don't dress for anyone else, and i don't particularly care what someone else might think of an outfit i'm wearing. nowadays, i'm confident in my grasp and understanding of myself to not have to seek approval from external sources. though i do enjoy when others like my style or feel inspired by it, i know there will always be critics out there to tell me that jeffrey campbell's lita boots are ugly and why on earth would i want a pair - but that's them. the reason i choose to share my style on my blog is because i feel that blogging is a great way for us all to be more creative and feel more confident in that creativity. it's one of the great things about the fashion blogging community - we're a pretty receptive group of people.

what does your personal style say about you? how would you define it?  is it instinctual or did you develop it over time? i want to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject.  be creative and share anything you feel is relevant to the topic.  i'll feature my favorite response next week with a link and some pictures from your blog. or if you don't have a blog, we'll figure something else out.  i'm looking forward to hearing your stylish thoughts!

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