rooftops and fedoras.

 street vendor fedora . longchamp purse . bershka booties and scarf . bebe 3/4 sleeve jacket . h&m pants 

hanging out on the duomo roof with my boyfriend on a dreary milano day.

i've installed intense debate on my blog in order to make comment replies both easier and more organized. this is the first post that will have it (assuming it worked) and i'm so curious to see what it's like. i'm nervous it's going to make the comment process longer and more annoying though. please let me know what you think about it and if you preferred the comment process before or now with intense debate.

i'm trying to encourage more of a dialogue here on vogue gone rogue, especially when it comes to some of the articles i write. as a result, i decided to do a little experiment and install a discussion forum (last tab on the navigation bar). i know blogs aren't typically places people go for forum discussions, but i was thinking it might be a great to ask me questions or make topic suggestions, get to know each other, brainstorm on events, share links etc. it may not be the most functional set up however, so i felt a little test was definitely in order. i'll give it a week! please share your thoughts on it.  =)

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