and the winner is...


Alexandra of Haine Accesibile will be winning a 1 week stay in a Greek Luxury Villa on the island of Corfu for up to 6 people!  

this is where she'll be:

i can't wait to see the amazing photos that i know she'll take and share with us on her fabulous blog, which i encourage you all to follow!!  

and i would also like to give an honorable mention to the Citizen Rosebud for coming in at Second Place with her fabulous outfit! Bella's personal style is so well-developed, she's a true inspiration for us all to seek out and stay true to our own aesthetic, because that is exactly what fashion is all about.

a big thank you to all participants of my Essence of Fall blog event! i thought the event was incredibly fun and successful. i hope you all had a good time as well! 

mega shout out to The Final Fab-Five who all did a tremendous job! and thank you to everyone who voted, "liked" and showed their support! the finalist post received around 450 comments, which is pretty monumental in my opinion. it just goes to show you how amazing, supportive and involved the blogging community really is. i'm already looking forward to hosting another blog event!

P.S. Sunglass Hut Blogger Contest update! i'm in a pretty solid 2nd place and gunning for 1st! thank you everyone who voted and shared, the support has been overwhelming and inspiring. in case you haven't voted yet and would like to, CLICK HERE!

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