crystal renn admits to losing weight, world forgets to mind it's own business

i love this photo because it's sheer proof that crystal is just a great model. regardless of size.

in a recent-ish interview for NY Magazine's "the Cut," esteemed "plus-size" model Crystal Renn admits to losing some weight. speculations had already started circulating since her first appearance on the Chanel runway, but her confession has sparked a fresh wave of criticism that leaves me both bewildered and appalled.

anyone who cares enough about this issue to discuss it should first have the good sense to read what she's said before jumping to their own conclusions.

i recommend reading the entire interview, but here are the most relevant quotes:

"In the past, I avoided exercise because it brought back terrible feelings. I wasn’t ready. And I was scared that maybe I was going to be addicted again. That’s a fear that goes through your mind, whenever you’re getting over an addiction or a disease like anorexia, yeah, I absolutely was worried."

"I wanted to take care of myself. It had been eight years since I’d worked out. I’d suffered an eating disorder and I used to exercise eight hours a day. But I’d recovered. It’s time to change things, to give it a chance again. I wanted to make some changes in my life and taking care of my health was one of them. "

i find it pretty obvious that there's nothing wrong with this. she seems happy and her weight loss is a byproduct of a more active lifestyle. she had been avoiding exercise completely because she was scared of it - i'm no psychologist, but avoiding something out of fear doesn't exactly scream healthy mentality. the fact that she can start incorporating it into her life without falling back into detrimental behavioral patterns suggests a person that is healing.

what i find particularly disturbing is that those who speculate (without reason) that her weightloss isn't being done in a healthy way, don't seem worried about crystal or her health. all they seem to care about is that she now looks thinner in pictures and how it affects them. crystal renn becoming a famous plus-size model doesn't relinquish her life as her own. people are acting like her size is a) the thing that defines her, b) matters far more than her actual talent and c) should remain constant even though most people fluctuate in weight throughout their lives and last i checked crystal renn was, in fact, human.

anyone who reads my blog knows that i'm 100% pro the broadening of fashion's image to include more variety in shape, size, height and age. but criticizing crystal renn's weight loss accomplishes the exact opposite. maybe critics feel they are doing a good thing. maybe they feel that crystal renn losing weight is a step back. but i disagree.

crystal renn is a great model. period. end of story. she's proving that being a great model is possible at any size, that you don't need to fit into some pre-formed industry mold labeled "plus-size" or otherwise. by leading her life and just doing what makes her happy and comfortable in her own skin, she's showing the world that size doesn't matter. bigger or smaller, who cares? that's what fashion needs. the fact that models even get separated into these categories is pretty silly. crystal renn is breaking down those barriers by blurring the existing lines. if you want to help the cause then stop focusing so much on her weight. and if she were to relapse into dangerous health territory, i would hope the world's primary concern would be to help her get better and not vilify her for having an illness.

and lastly, can we please take a moment to remember that healthy weight loss due to exercise and proper diet is a GOOD thing. this whole topsy-turvy mentality of acting like it's bad has to stop. the reason i feel so compelled to talk about this situation is because it's very personal to me. i've lost weight due to healthy eating and exercise as well. and i feel great. i have the energy to keep up with my own life and my mentality has never been healthier. i would hate it if anyone weighed in on my own personal struggles and accomplishments to say it was wrong. i would consider that so rude and messed up. i can put myself in her shoes and recognize how awful and unfair it would feel for people to criticize something that made me feel happy and healthy. just because crystal renn is famous doesn't give people free reign to talk so ignorantly about something that is so personal and complicated. athletes dedicate their lives to the pursuit of physical fitness... should we shun them as well? or is it ok to be fit if you're into sports, just not if you're a plus-size model? come on! what kind of a message does a double standard like that send real women who fit in the plus-size category?

society's obsession with criticizing every little thing that celebrities do whether it's good or bad or somewhere in the middle is disturbing. especially when it comes to weight. controlling your weight is difficult! if it wasn't, then everyone would choose a size they liked and remain there for all time. just because someone is famous doesn't suddenly make weight struggles or fluctuations obsolete. if we're really going to heal our collective body image mentality then we need to stop obsessing over weight so much.

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