life is what you make of it

miumiu sunglasses . no name dark jeans . knit top - boutique bought . kallisté wedges .

whew... what a week! it's been some polar opposite craziness lately. some of the coolest things and some of the worst things have all been taking place at the same time. 

i was feeling the spirit of these pictures because to me they very much embody my current mood - life truly is what you make of it. perspective is such a powerful tool that can be the catalyst for many good things in our lives. i think it's so important to remember that. 

how have you all been lately? has your past week been crazy too? maybe it was a world trend.  =P  

and a quick note - i finished 2nd in the voting of Sunglass Hut's Ultimate Blogger contest!!!! i am truly thankful and overwhelmed by the uproarious support. i was reblogged, retweeted, re-facebooked many, many times. friends, family and fellow bloggers shared me with their families, friends and followers. i couldn't possibly feel any happier. the final night of voting i was working until really late and unable to watch it all transpire, but many people messaged me that i had been bouncing back and forth between 1st and 2nd all night. the whole thing has been really exciting and i'm so glad i decided to participate in the contest. regardless what happens from here, and without getting too, too mushy about it, i want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your votes, your rallying and all your kind compliments! 

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