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as promised last week in my post on personal style,  i chose my favorite comment and will share it with you now. except that it isn't a comment, singular, it's comments, plural. because i couldn't choose just one.  and i really wanted to just include them all because there were so many smart, thoughtful comments and i thank you all for sharing your feelings on the subject. but i had to limit myself. 3 seemed like a good number. i like 3.  so without further ado...

"My personal style is certainly something that has developed over the years. In fact, I still think that it's a work in progress. The biggest development in my own personal style happened when I stopped dressing for men and started dressing for myself. I fully admit to being a little lost after I parted with all of my boob lifting, cleavage enhancing tops, but it was the best thing I ever could have done. It made me reassess who I really was as a person and who I wanted to project to the world. Surely, I had more to offer than just a chest! Now, you would hardly know I even have one. 

It's difficult to define my own personal style but the three things I look for in an outfit are comfort, effortlessness and balance. I'm also a firm believer that confidence is the best accessory a girl can ever have and that being subtle is the best kind of sexy!" - brooke

Melanie of Wrecked Stellar

"My personal style has developed over time- but only through a subconscious manner. As I've matured, so has my style. I trust my instincts when styling- I enjoy looking at trends but when I'm creating a look, I don't search in my mind for that inspirational photo. Instead, I take the inspiration within myself and pay it forward in my look. My personal style is definitively undefined because of my diverse inspirations- and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)" -melanie

"My style is definitely something I grew into, just as being comfortable in my skin is something I grew into. Knowledge of what works on your body is something that takes some time to cultivate, and the older you get, the more you are exposed to other styles and images, and what you observe often transfers to you in some way. While I was always a little different, and quite fearless in my sartorial expression from early on, I wouldn't say I hit my stride in terms of my "look" until my early-to-mid 30s. 

I define my style as sophisticated but edgy. I tend to work with clean lines, solid colors, and fitted silhouettes, because that is what works on me. I think ultimately, it's my accessories that help define my style—a spiked heel, a bib necklace, a wide belt, or a huge ring—they bring that unexpected twist I love to otherwise simple pieces." - vahni 

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