the essence of fall blog event

since fall is a transitional season, i like juxtaposing pieces you might wear during the summer, like shorts, with wintery items, like furry boots and vests. this outfit was fall perfection b/c it was warm enough for those chilly autumn breezes, but not too warm for when the sun decided to make an unexpected appearance. it was also really cosy, is another of my fall wardrobe essentials. also, i did this shoot in the very villa the winner of this contest gets to stay in!! 

i hope you guys will check out the participating blogs listed below! please give bloglovin' hearts to your favorites because that's how the 5 finalists will be determined. i am not competing in the contest portion of this event since i am hosting it, but you can still give me bloglovin' hearts, i won't mind!  =P  here's my bloglovin page where you can "like" your "hearts" away!

**and on a quick, unrelated note, i just wanted express my sincerest gratitude to all of you for supporting me and voting so avidly in Sunglass Hut's Full Time Blogger contest. the response has been unbelievable, my heart is bursting with gratitude. to keep you guys updated, our efforts are paying off, i've jumped to #5 and we still have 15 days left! huzzah!!!**

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