what a week! the full time fabulous contest is in full swing

you may have noticed that my vogue gone rogue posts have been infrequent lately. working 3 jobs and doing the blog off is pretty intense... something had to give. but i miss posting here and decided to do a quick update to keep everyone informed.

everything in the contest is going really well. it's been a blast so far and definitely an amazing experience. win or lose, i know it's a memory i'll cherish. plus, 10 pairs of designer sunglasses and an ipad as prizes ain't something to be scoffed at. =P 

my photoshoot, interview and webisode filming were so much fun. you can read all about them on today's new post!

in case you're new here and have no idea what i'm talking about, during the entire month of december i am partaking in this blog off and need the help of my fellow bloggers to rate my posts with 5 stars and comment as much as possible on my posts. your support is greatly appreciated, i can assure you of that! every week i'll be doing a blogger feature randomly selected from the top commenters. check out the blogger who is my first feature friday!

in case you missed it, check out some of my favorite and most important posts including my very first assignment about using my current wardrobe to create my own unique style that features a fun little video i made of myself constructing a bunch of different outfits, my traveling to new york post featuring some of my photography from the years i spent living in new york, and my behind the scenes post featuring photos of me making my entry video. please don't forget that 5 star rating, it could help the judges decide the winner!

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