fashion fringe s/s 2012 - london

One of my favorite things about London Fashion Week was being introduced to Fashion Fringe for the first time. An organization that promotes up and coming designers through an event where 3 finalists show their collections and 1 is chosen the winner.

Above is a photo of Claudia Schiffer, who is somehow even more beautiful in person. I was sitting just a few seats down from her and managed to snap a fun candid. Below, a photo of the space the show was held in. Stunningly detailed high ceilings & chandeliers, beautiful lighting and a packed house set the tone for London Fashion Week's most important event for new design talent.
Gift bag swag! (And a shot of my chain mail glove that has been a street photographer favorite this season).
The show started with design duo, Fyodor Golan, "A combination of passion and opposites." The two designers hail from very different parts of the world - Fyodor from Latvia and Golan from Israel - who said they explored the differences in their design aesthetics rather than the similarities. Their collection was filled with duality & juxtaposition and unexpected details that make clothing extraordinary and take it from mere fabric to art. In fact, this very first dress was my absolute favorite piece shown the entire night, and it's what they opened with. Talk about setting the bar high.
The 2nd designer to show was Heidi Leung, representing and making us California girls proud with her collection that was incredibly innovative and romantic, with a good dose of quirk and humor mixed in. Hailing from San Francisco and having studied at Central St. Martin's in London, Heidi brought a wonderfully fresh attitude to the catwalk. I've never seen anything like her collection, a valuable trait for a young designer. The drape of her garments was perfect, hanging just right. And I got a sense of constraint & freedom playing together nicely in her collection.
Finishing off the Fashion Fringe show with a dose of flair and runway drama was Nabil Nayal, whose bold yet feminine approach is one us modern girls can definitely appreciate. His one-of-kind take on staple wardrobe favorites left me wanting a reason to wear pencil skirts on a daily basis. The collection was aggressive, yet elegant at the same time. He played with volume and structure and I got a sense of minimal maximalism from his collection. Nayal is Syrian and attended the Manchester School of Art where he graduated with honors in Fashion. Most recently, his graduate collection was sold in Harrod's.
Each collection left me awed and I do not envy the judges and the difficult task they had of deliberating the winner. They decided on the design duo, Fyodor Golan. I'd like to extend my sincerest congratulations to them on their win, as well as to the Heidi Leung & Nabil Nayal for being chosen as finalists for Fashion Fringe, an honor in itself.

New designers are so important for the fashion industry. They push the boundaries of design by taking chances on fresh ideas. Without new talent, fashion would grow stale. I am so pleased to have discovered Fashion Fringe and to see them promote new talent so fervently. Please show your support for the continued growth of fashion as an industry by following Fashion Fringe on facebook and twitter.


  1. Great pictures! Lovely collections. Everything is so bright and fun! :)

  2. Great shots!!! X

  3. So many good looks, but I particularly love the first collection.

  4. I am really loving the flower sandal flops that are going on in the photos and the hints of Chanel quilting and McQueen drapery. I can see these designers were inspired by many designers. Thank you for sharing Kristy!


  5. There are so many amazing things going on in this post. The photos are stunning. Seriously, this is some of the best runway photography I've seen on a blog. And the designs themselves are phenomenal. I usually don't pay any attention to new designers, I'll admit. But you're changing my mind...

  6. Such a beautiful space and gorgeous detail shots!

  7. Okay, completely gorgeous clothes. I don't even know where to start. It's so cool of you (and organizations like Fashion Fringe) to bridge that gap between burgeoning designers and the consumer. Media focuses so much on the big names because that's what draws more attention, but if we don't acknowledge the new artists in the industry we'll just be going in circles - literally and creatively.

    Anyway! I love all three of these lines. I definitely couldn't have picked a favorite, though I think the shapes at Nabil Nayal are the most "me". I'll certainly be remembering them!

  8. I don't know if it's for the pictures you took so beautifully or what, but I love every single piece on them!!

  9. Anonymous3.10.11

    AMAZING!!!!!!! xx

  10. thank you for all the kind words guys! i'm so glad you love fashion fringe like i do. they are pretty amazing.