london fashion week - photo diary pt. 1

london was epic. i enjoyed every moment - wandering the streets, seeing the shows. london fashion week has always been among my favorites. london style is just cool. it's a bit more free than new york, paris and milan. not that i don't love each in it's own right, but london is most my style.
these first few photos are from backstage at jena.theo. i was impressed by how calm the backstage was. usually backstage before a fashion show is far more chaotic. this was a pleasant change of pace.
jena.theo showed an amazing collection. filled with unique, draped pieces, interesting coats, cool dresses and flowy tops. the style aesthetic was cool and comfortable and something i'd love to own.

and for fun, check out this guy below:
i wonder if his expression has something to do with the fact that the model he's looking it has this on:
some random shots from around london. i'm still unable to get over 2 things: the delicious food and the taxis.

suffice to say, i loved london and can't wait to go back. maybe i should also put it on the consideration list for future living spots...


  1. Awesome! That Jena Theo dress is absolutely
    s t u n n i n g!

  2. I feel so lucky to be a londoner ;) you took some incredible photos, and you're so lucky to get to go to so many fashion weeks! One of my main goals his to blog from fashion week, sometime, someplace! ;)

  3. wow, i bet you had an awesome time.
    about that guy in the runway audience, yeah, i think it was the model parading her wares.

  4. Love your diary!! And I love the guy's expression hahaha

    XO Charlotte

  5. Such an interesting post for me! I am living in London and I am so grateful for it! I know that sometimes that I take it for granted style-wise. ;) So happy you love this city and enjoyed London Fashion Week! I loved it too! Isn't the venue - Somerset House - amazing?! :) X

  6. Sounds u had a great Time !


  7. London is gorgeous. What a fun show this was. seems that you had an excellent time. great photography.

  8. Fabulous! Loved the photos and the floaty dress. x

  9. i can see why london would tempt u . . . i'm sure we'd benefit from being a part of your adventures!

  10. thanks guys!! all your comments are highly appreciated and i love that you are all as excited about london adventures as i am.

  11. It's always exciting and inspiring to come to your blog and see a new post. It's a daily must!

  12. Lets talk about that black outfit, is that chiffon? I am in love with the blouse chiffon look. Amazing shots, good idea to shoot in black and white!


  13. hey doll! i'm so jealous you got to go to the shows! looks like you're having an awesome time and you look gorgeous as always :)

    what's your store about?

    Beneath the Glass

  14. Hi,
    Its me again. So sorry i missed the event in NY i had to complete some last minute assignments and I have been super busy with school and work to even blog lately. Had to stop by and show your blog some support. I too have been in London and totally love it...its the culture and the adorable accents lol.