happy 2012!

how have the first few days of 2012 been going for all you guys? i'm damn excited for this year. so many new plans to execute and new challenges to face. and with 1 month left in my contract blogging for sunglass hut, i'll be back to vogue gone rogue full-time in less than a month!! 

in the mean time, here's a scatterbag of photos from new year's eve in williamsburg with friends. some are blurry and some are instagram shots, but i think they capture the spirit of the evening pretty well.
making faces at the camera = favorite past time

a good shot of the helmut lang sweater i've been obsessed with and wear entirely too often.

helmut lang sweater . urban outfitters tights . gee wawa wedges

i love spending time in williamsburg. the bars are fun and relaxed, nothing too hoity-toity and overrated. how did you guys ring in the new year?


  1. Looks like you had a blast!

    Alas, I was forced to work at Lukus' club on NYE.....

  2. ahh it looks like you had such a fun NYE! Hope 2012 brings you lots of fun adventures!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Happy New Year! I bet you are going to miss blogging for Sunglass Hut! I just stayed at home and relaxed and watched the new year come in :)

  4. I ran in the new year with some cold medication, pizza and my cat. And by making you laugh on Facebook. ;P

    Big hugs and a happy 2012 to you Kristy! xoxoxoxo

  5. Fun, fun, fun photos. love your outfit. so elegant!! happy new year!!!

  6. The detailed Urban Outfitters tights look great against the delicate lace of your slip. Fabulous look! Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous4.1.12

    i agree that your stockings look great!!! do they have a reinforced toe? i hate when mine run! grrrr...

  8. @anonymous - i hate stocking runs too! unfortunately no, they don't have a reinforced toe. but the material is a little different than traditional stockings. there's a lot more give and stretchiness so the fibers don't split and run. obviously you still have to be careful, but i've worn mine many times and still haven't had a single one. hope the info helps.

  9. Hi Kristy, funny that when I saw the pictures on your tumblr i knew you were in my hood...the brick steps look awfully familiar. happy new year!!!!

  10. The tights and wedges are very sultry... Love it!
    http://hanjanran.blogspot.com/ peace X

  11. Heather Hastings8.1.12

    Kristy!!! You look just too beautiful in these photos!! Love, love, love the look!!! Very fabulous! :)