brunette to blonde

i love dark, rich brunette hair, but at some point last year decided to try going blonde for fun and cause, why not?! live it up and all that jazz.

but we've all heard the horror stories. fried hair. tedious process. an end result that looks hideous with your natural coloring. sure, some bad hair isn't the end of the world, but why suffer when it's so easily avoidable? so i'm sharing my process and hopefully, if this is something you've been considering, it'll help you out.
Find a GREAT salon.
if you're in new york, i highly recommend Salon Ruggeri where i got my hair done. but if you don't live in new york, do your homework. if your stylist knows what he/she is doing, then you won't have to worry.

Communicate with your colorist.
going from brunette to blonde is a pretty drastic change and in my opinion, warrants a chat before dye the dyeing begins. bring in photos, articulate what you want, and listen to your colorist's advice. make sure you know what to expect, and if you're colorist can't tell you that, go elsewhere! my colorist, Greg, explained everything so well i knew exactly what the outcome would look like. 

Understand that there are different ways of going blonde. You don't have to bleach your head.
i did not know this. i had no idea you could go from brunette to blonde with just highlights. this was good news for me because 1) i wouldn't have to suffer through weeks of that orange tabby in between phase and 2) there's a lot more control over the resulting shade increasing the likelihood that the end result will go well with your skin tone. this is a particularly good option if you have a very dark natural color and it's your first time going blonde.

this photo is the result after my first highlighting session. not as light as the final, but a big difference for sure. i've been back twice since then and my hair is as light as i want it for now. the process was not nearly as scary or annoying as i originally thought it would be, and i'm having so much fun with the end result:

a huge thank you to Greg, owner and founder of Salon Ruggeri for doing such an amazing job. as you can see from the pictures, Salon Ruggeri is a much different atmosphere than the typical salon. it's intimate and relaxing and they make the most amazing coffee.

if you like my hair color, i hope you'll take a quick moment to vote for Salon Ruggeri for Best Manhattan Hair Color 2012 by following this link. it would mean so much to the Ruggeri team and they truly deserve the recognition. thanks guys!


  1. Love your new look, it looks so natural :)

  2. Thanks Kristy! This is very informative. The blonde is so natural and vibrant. You're such a bombshell! I've been thinking of doing something fun with my hair colour. It's actually one of my goals for this year because doing anything different with my hair is MAJOR for me ha! I haven't decided if I want to go blonde or very red. Only time will tell! XO

  3. Aww, it looks so lovely and perfectly natural!

  4. Love the results. the color looks natural, goes perfect with your complexion and you look gorgeous as always. My compliments to Greg for a very well done job. i will vote for Ruggeri salon.

  5. Gorgeous. Looks great on you!

  6. haha the last pic was like a crazy face!
    the blonde looks amazing!!!

  7. Love your blonde look. beautiful color.

  8. Love last photo. so fun. lovely hair, color and style.

  9. I love the colour.

  10. Love the change. looks great.

  11. Great color. natural look, very becoming!!

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