fashiolista's nyfw party

happy friday everyone!  very appropriately, today's post is more party coverage! i'm certain from these posts and my nyfw tweets it seems like i spent all of fashion week in a haze of champagne flutes and martini glasses... and oh how i would that were the case... but in reality it's just that fashion week parties are way more interesting and photogenic than apartment hunting in new york.

getting together with the fashiolista crew is always a great time. gorgeous bunch of ladies both inside and out:
and they certainly know how to throw a party.

chiara is the first blogger i ever met in person and this is the first time i thought to get a photo with her.  she is every bit as gorgeous in person and probably one of the sweetest bloggers on the planet.

the open bar cocktail menu featuring clear corn whiskey concoctions that were admittedly unique but entirely delicious.

bo from fashiolista and i being silly.

maddie's clutch and bo's top both featuring cut outs.

live band, ariana and the rose.

hamming it up with andy.

zina and alex

the amazing angelo being painfully adorable.

bo and her broken finger, me and my apparent oral fixation. 

since we took something like 15 photos, here's another of me and chiara.

see what i mean about the oral fixation? also impressed by the fact that we're all managing to be looking in only 2 different directions considering the 5 different cameras taking this same photo. (you can see alternate view on the blonde salad).

fashiolista 'stache. here's the instagram version.

you can see more photos from the fashiolista party on their facebook page. "like" your favorites cause the person with the most photo likes gets a gift card. there are some pretty great moments.

i'm wearing: rag and bone jean leggings . haute hippie draped silk top . bcbg draped leather jacket . frav shop gloves . henri bendel necklace . rebecca minkoff white leopard purse


  1. Nice gloves. Wonder if you could get away with wearing those to class.

    1. i suppose i *could* but it would only invite teasing from eugene and megaris about being "fashionable."

  2. You look great and the last picture is the best! haha :)

  3. Adorable pics!!! love last photo!!! sooooo cute!!!!!

  4. Great outfit Kristy. love the gloves.

  5. You are all absolutely gorgeous. last photograph is my favorite.

  6. Looks like you've had a great time!


  7. What a fun post. Looks like you all had a great time.


  8. This looks like such an amazing time! I wish I was a blogger so I could go to parties like this. I love your outfit. You are so beautiful!!