a "full time fabulous" retrospective

this past year has been insane. and i mean 'insane' in the best of possible ways. (see photo above). but before we get to the how's and why's i got my photo taken with katy perry, let's start from the top...
last january i won sunglass hut's fashion blogger competition called "full time fabulous." many of you already know this. in fact, many of you were there for the entire process. you supported me with tweets, photos, posts and the kindest words a person could ever hope for. you guys coined the term 'team kristy' and used it fervently. like so:
once i won, i packed up my entire life in milan, italy where i was residing with my bf and two cats, and moved back to new york city, the place i'd left just two years before. from an international move, directly into new york fashion week:
here, i got to go backstage and hear cynthia rowley give some very interesting interviews. i'm not a big fan of conducting interviews myself, but i do enjoy observing them. 
i loved that guys newsprint pants. one of my favorite things about fashion week are the outfits people choose to wear.
getting photographed in front of lincoln center by the various photographers from publications around the world was interesting to say the least.

at the sang a collection presentation. presentations are my favorite for photography.

back in milan for milan fashion week just a few months after moving away. i was really into layering that winter and took full advantage of the tame milanese weather.
sitting front row at ermano scervino and being able to get some shots like the above photo was such a pleasure.
it was in milan that i was invited to attend the katy perry concert as a guest of vogue eyewear. afterwards, i attended katy's afterparty, which is where that first photo was taken. when i got back to new york from milan i discovered the photo was published in vanity fair italia:

above and below, me in florida for the sunglass hut summit. it was a great moment because the company and its people welcomed me with open arms and so much enthusiasm. i learned a lot by attending and had a great time doing it, as is evidenced by the luau night they threw for us:

after the first few whirlwind months of travel and events, things start to blur together. it's all a mash of photoshoots and trying to stay on top of things. this entire experience was amazing, but it was not without its challenges. i'm not going to sugar coat it just to make it sound perfect and sparkly. the idea of a "dream job" gives the impression of some sort of fairy tale where you never get stressed. but the more you care about your job, the higher the likelihood that you will experience moments of intense frustration, particularly when you have to work for other people. it's not a bad thing. in fact, it's kind of great. those are the times that will teach you the most. but they can be hard. i had to find a balance between what me and my readers considered good content, and what my employer wanted to see. that takes compromise, but also knowing when to say "no." 
needless to say, i learned a lot and that is priceless.
 i also got to meet some fellow bloggers who have captured my heart with their graceful and uplifting personalities. above and below, some photos of me with heidi hastings when she visited new york.
in addition, i also got to meet:
and at the fashiolista party, i hung out with shea marie of cheyenne meets chanel, andy of style scrapbook and aimee of song of style (among others!)

visiting LA: 
i was invited to hang out on the set of Entourage, a very interesting experience. i loved watching the filming process and everyone was super sweet. and i snapped this adorable photo of adrian grenier with his puppy, basil:
  i spent some time with alexis and stephanie at the chateau marmont where steph snapped this photo of me in the bathroom, because that was the only place we were "allowed" to take pictures.

and though this had nothing to do with the blogging job, i got to see book of mormon this year, which was momentous for me. 

the NY easter parade was a great experience. dancing in the streets, interesting characters and costumes and people who were very ready and willing to have their pictures taken. the above photo is one of my all time favorite snaps.
 and here's my easter outfit, complete with a side ear headband that i am very fond of:

summertime brought my birthday and my first ever balenciaga purse. not wanting to deprive me of the experience of picking out my own balenciaga, matt took me to the store here in NY and released me. moments later, i chose this gorgeous giant city tote in anthracite with rose gold hardware. swoon.

matt and i also spent a large amount of time taking vesper to parks.
 any excuse to spend a few hours in central park is a good one in my opinion. needless to say, plenty of photoshoots took place here, my favorite spot in all of new york city:

 in august, matt and i took our first ever trip to mexico and got to stay in one of the greatest resorts on the face of the planet, capella ixtapa. i can't thank them enough for inviting me to spend a week experiencing and blogging about both the area, the activities and resort. since i don't have any of my capella photos up on vogue gone rogue yet, i will definitely be doing a special post on it later as it definitely warrants it! but here are a few highlights:

oh, AND i went horseback riding for the first time in my life. matt and i came to the conclusion that it beats the pants off walking anywhere and it now tops our list of favorite modes of transportation.

more outfits:

in miami for club vogue:
above, moments before i got to give my analysis of a runway show. analyzing fashion is one of my fortes and being asked to do so in a professional environment was a definite highlight of the year.
 in chicago for a sunglass hut/macy's event with brad goreski:
i was asked to interview brad on camera for sunglass hut. you can see the video here.
i also got to meet the very gracious and sweet tia dantzler, celebrity make up artist. here's a photo of me with her and brad:

with chanel iman at sunglass hut's fashion's night out in new york.

backstage at NAHM s/s 2012:
in london for fashion week:
sitting about 6 seats down for claudia schiffer at the fashion fringe show.

backstage at jena.theo in london:
and sitting front row at the jena.theo show:
exploring london, i came across brick lane on a sunday. it's the best.
new york comicon:

the halloween costume i made from scratch... alice gone rogue:

going blonde at salon ruggeri: 

for my last sunglass hut post, i arranged all my sunglasses on the table and took this photo. apparently, i have 60 pairs:
 this past year has been amazing and i will always think back on it fondly. i learned so much and was given the opportunity to do so many interesting things. i'd like to thank sunglass hut for the memories and the experiences. and i would like to thank all of you, my readers, for supporting me across two different blogs and for continuing to follow vogue gone rogue, even though it was technically on hiatus for the past year. just recently, vgr surpassed 10,000 followers on bloglovin' and i just wanted to say that you guys are amazing. so here's to an even more epic year ahead.


  1. WOW! I love this post! X


  2. awesome post! this has definitely been a whirlwind time in your life :) such good photos, I felt like i was there for it all lol. love!

  3. Amazing! It's been so much fun reading what you've been getting up to. As always I love ever photo you take ...all gorgeous xxx

  4. Fashionisto7.2.12

    What a great, great post! As beautiful as the pictures from last year are, we're all looking forward to what you're going to do this year! Welcome back!

  5. Such a great post! You summed up your year pretty well. Congrats on getting 10,000 bloglovin' followers! :)

  6. xoxoxoxoxoxo... I am so glad that during your FTF year we got to meet! You are such a fabulous person and bring such a great energy and personality to all you do!

  7. Anonymous8.2.12

    I'd of given anything to have met u kristy! You're the most influential blogger I've ever come across and you've left more of a mark on myself as a blogger than any other I've networked with! I hope the end of FTf doesn't see the end of our tweeting and maybe one day, meeting for real!

  8. Big congrats on getting 10.000 followers. i enjoyed this past year following you at Full time fabulous. your creativity and talent is enormous. i am glad i can continue following you at VGR.

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    P.s. You met Chanel Iman, Brad <3 and Katy? Um awesome!! Next time you and I need to take over NYC ;) deal?


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