missing summer travels ~ ixtapa

the lovely rise in temperature these past few days has me daydreaming about summer travels pretty consistently. in particular, last summer's trip to Ixtapa, Mexico where i got to spend 5 days courtesy of the stunning Capella Ixtapa Luxury Resort

i blogged thoroughly about the entire experience on the SGH blog as it was during my contract with them, but i wanted to share some of my favorite shots here on vogue gone rogue as well.
view of the hotel from the pool. 

amazing lobster dinner on our first night. you will notice many glorious food shots in this post because every meal was epic and i enjoy reliving it each time i see the photos.

enjoying a hibiscus margarita after my spa treatment called "the aztec ritual." most aztec rituals involve a human sacrifice, and the funny name was pretty much my entire basis for choosing that particular treatment. it involved a body wrap, scrub and full massage by a woman whose hands were magical. i've never felt more relaxed in my life.

las gatas beach.

hotel decor. all the materials used are locally sourced, giving it a wonderful, authentic look and vibe.

horseback riding. my first time.
the spiciest enchiladas i've ever had in my life. so. good.

getting ready for snorkeling and being a total nerd about how difficult it is to walk with flippers on. matt, under the guise of taking a picture, filmed me. and since i apparently have no shame, here's that for your entertainment:

 i can't resist writing my blog name in the sand. beaches everywhere, beware.

you guys know i'm a sucker for detail. Capella is so good with details. i was a big fan of these yellow hibiscus flowers floating in water.
more margaritas.

looking up at palm trees.

made from flower petals and awaiting us in our room when we arrived. see what i mean about details?
view of the pool from our room's veranda.

best. breakfast. ever.
the veranda of our room. yes, it had its own private little pool. the room was so insanely gorgeous, i made a little video to give you guys a better idea of it. this video does not have me acting like a fool in it, so here's that: 

frozen hibiscus margarita on taco night. and tacos below:
drinking a corona in our private pool during a light drizzle.

scuba tanks on las gatas beach.

this was my first time visiting mexico and it was every bit as beautiful as i expected. i was surprised to learn that august is technically their rainy season and not the height of tourist season. perfect for me as i like to avoid seeing my travel destinations in 'tourist mode' as much as possible. (incidentally, never visit Venice in the summer. it's the worst). we experienced a little bit of rain in ixtapa, but the weather was mostly sunny and hot... hence the sunburn i'm sporting on my arms and shoulders in that last photo.
after such breathtaking travel experience, i highly recommend ixtapa. and if you ever have the chance to stay at a Capella Hotel, do it! every last little detail will make you squeal with delight.


  1. And now I'm hungry :))

  2. Omg I want a holiday now. I might have to settle for a spa in night in my bathroom with some candles lol.

  3. OMG!!!! That pictures are gorgeous!!! Thank you for video and photos!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Now I definitly can't wait for summer anymore!


  5. It looks fantastic. I'm heading to Capella Ixtapa for my second time next week (also attending Food & Wine Festival) and can't wait to get there - my private pool, the terrace, the food, the views, all the friendly people...

  6. So amazing! I love the private terrace, too. It looks magical, right down to the food!

    Also, that video of you in the scuba gear will never stop being awesome.

  7. love the photographs. what a beautiful place to go for vacation. thanks for sharing.

  8. Fun,fun,fun photos. fantastic place to be. i am very impressed by their services!!

  9. Now I need to go there too!!

    XO Charlotte

  10. Gorgeous pictures - looks like a lot of fun... thanks for sharing...


    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin

  11. I know where i want to go for vacation this summer. i started savings!! haha!! Breathtaking place.

  12. Great place. love the photographs especially the first one. awesome pool. nice hat.

  13. Great pictures! Amazing really <3

  14. Anonymous22.4.12

    Those are not scuba tanks

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