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This is just a guesstimate but I'm pretty sure there are, approximately, 3.5 gajillion blogs in the world. I didn't do an official study, but I'd say that's accurate. I have no idea how I'd stay up to speed with any of them without Bloglovin'

For Blog READERS...

Bloglovin's network is incredible. Since so many blogs now have Bloglovin', you can follow all your favorites plus find new ones that appeal to your interests and aesthetic that you wouldn't have had the chance to discover otherwise.

Signing up is as easy as this:

and following blogs is an easy click of a follow button:

after that, all the blogs you follow get consolidated in a handy list where you can click through and find the posts that are most interesting and relevant to you. Here's an example of my Bloglovin' list of followed blogs:

you can keep track of all your favorite posts by clicking on the little heart at the bottom of the post:

every post you "like" will be consolidated under the "liked posts" tab so you can go back to them for future reference:

If you happen to be a BLOGGER in addition to a Blog READER, Bloglovin' is a must for you! Bloglovin' drives massive amounts of traffic to blogs each and every day because it keeps your followers updated when you post. Most blogs get more traffic from Bloglovin' alone than from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest COMBINED. 

In addition, it's a great platform for readers to discover your blog and interact with your posts. Since Bloglovin' users are there specifically for the purpose of reading blogs, the quality of the traffic you receive is much higher than that which comes from other referrals. Traffic from Bloglovin' has a tendency to stay longer and interact with more pages on your blog than traffic that comes from any other site. If you're a blogger not yet on Bloglovin', my question is "what are you waiting for?!" Signing up and connecting your blog is incredibly easy! Do it now!!

I simply had to share my love for this fantastic site and I hope you've found this information helpful! If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Ask below in the comments and be sure to leave an email address or twitter handle where I can respond to you.

- Kristy


  1. In looking up my own -

    "Since this blog does not have any followers it won't get updated very often."

    They could probably reword that a little bit haha

  2. Anonymous4.12.12

    Thanks for sharing this with us. i am looking into it.

  3. Good to know. thank you.

  4. I had no idea. you are so nice to bring it to our attention.

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  7. Hi! I'm trying to find out if I can remove any blogs from my feed on bloglovin. When I first joined, I just randomly selected some to follow and I have no desire to read them now that I've got several blogs I follow more regularly. Do you know how to remove blogs from your feed on bloglovin?

  8. This app is amazing and also quite addictive :) but well I buy less and less magazine since I can follow my favourite blogs in one place!

  9. Anonymous23.8.13

    You follow yourself?

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